Bark Tote BagDesigned with utility in mind, our sturdy 24-oz cotton canvas totebag has lots of interior room for your essentials, and a zippered top to keep items securely stowed away. A front pocket–printed with the Bark logo–provides an extra storage option. Heavyweight cotton with reinforced stitching.

Size: 14″ high x 24″ wide x 7″ deep; bottom gusset; dual 30″ handles; front pocket; zipper top.

Color: Natural.

Carrying StrapsWe install these carrying straps on the backs of large or heavy frames so art handlers can move them safely without having to grip the frame itself. The strap is heavy-duty nylon, double bar tacked to a plated D-ring with 3 screw holes. It’s very strong. We supply a spring clip with each strap, which will clip it to the back of the frame when it’s not being used.

Bark Tee PlateWe have designed an alternative to the “bell-shaped hanger”, which we call the Bark Tee Plate.

The overall dimensions are 2” x 1 27/32”.

The Bark Tee Plate  is solid brass, half hard temper, .050” thick. It can be bent with pliers without breaking. Made in the US.

The Bark Tee was designed with several specific considerations:

  • The stem is long enough that installers can use electric screw-drivers without damaging the edge of the frame—it was this problem that the Bark Tee was initially designed to solve.
  • The three holes at the ends of the arms and stem form an equilateral triangle, so one of the screws holding the tee to the frame can be backed out, the tee rotated and the screw replaced; the stem no longer extends beyond the perimeter of the frame when the frame is stored or shipped. There is no need to drill a second hole to secure it in place (and the screw won’t be lost).
  • The holes are 11/64” diameter, which allows the threads of a #8 screw to pass through, and which prevents the passage of a #4 screw head. So #4, #5, #6, and #8 screws can all be used.
  • The length of the stem of the tee, and the distance between the holes at top and bottom of the stem, were designed to match standard brass mending plates, so the Bark Tee can replace 2” mending plates for a more secure installation of paintings in frames.

It’s hard to measure artworks with a standard tape measure, so we designed one that’s accurate and safe.  Our tape has a real zero about an inch in from the end, so you don’t have to measure from the 1” mark and then subtract an inch from the measurement—we have eliminated the “one inch error.” We also replaced the hook, which can snag on a work of art, with a rounded pull at the end. Our tape has metric and inch rules, is very accurate, and it’s off-white, easier on the eyes than yellow.

This is a carpenter’s measure, with a standard hook. Zero starts at the hook.  It has metric and inch rules, is very accurate, and it’s off-white, easier on the eyes than yellow.

How to Order

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