Bark Frameworks

Working With Us

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Whether you have a painting on canvas, a poster, drawing or photograph, you can e-mail us or pick up the phone and get a quick estimate, arrange to have the work picked up and/or schedule an appointment to meet with a designer.

To accommodate special projects we are sometimes able to do on site work. We have also made designs and produced work without any appointment in the showroom—over the phone and with e-mail.

The fullest Bark experience, however, is in taking advantage of our large showrooms in the Long Island City facility-- 5 minutes from Mid-town. All of our design and producton work is done and displayed here under one roof. It is a state of the art insured and climate controlled environment. We invite you to take a tour.

Our registration staff coordinates pick ups and deliveries in our own alarmed, insured and climate controlled truck to accommodate your schedule. They can also answer questions about the status of your work at any moment while it is in our care. And we will keep a clear, permanent record of everything we do.

Working with Bark Frameworks is straightforward and easy.