Who We Are

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Since 1969 Bark Frameworks has designed and produced frames for contemporary and modern art with the simple goal of serving the art being presented. From those early years till the present, we have pursued innovative design while establishing the highest standard of preservation framing practice. These two commitments, to the aesthetics of frame design, and to the preservation of works we frame, have animated our business throughout our history.

We began by framing works by our contemporaries. Over time our range has grown to embrace the framing of Western works from Impressionism forward. We have designed and built numerous frames for textiles as well as Asian works like thangkas. The framing of photographs from the field’s earliest days to the present has become a specialty. Our designs for mirror frames are unique.

Bark Frameworks began in Jared Bark’s SoHo loft. Now, as an employee-owned company, we are located in our 27,000 square foot building in Long Island City. Since we make all our frames here in our LIC shop, we can offer an infinite variety of new frame designs as well as our frames that have become classics.

Our Frame History

I really enjoy the spirit of dialog and open-mindedness that is present at Bark, and, as an artist who makes a wide range of works that must be framed, I can be sure when I come in for a session that a perfectly chosen design will be the result. The frame will come out of the needs of the specific work of art; both physical and aesthetic, and whatever is done for the safety and durability of the work will be nearly invisible, while the magic of the frame itself sings.

-- James Siena, Artist