As of January 2017, Bark Frameworks is an employee owned company (or ESOP). Many of our employee owners have worked at Bark for decades, and we continue to carry on the essential Bark Frameworks traditions that founder Jared Bark began back in 1969: sustaining close connections to the conservation profession and monitoring developments in the field; identifying and testing framing materials and techniques; constantly developing new frame designs; and attending to clients carefully and well. These practices keep the company vital every day. We welcome new employee owners each year, whose talents and skills contribute to the overall dimension of the company.

Karl Thorndike, who was the acting CEO of Bark Frameworks at the time of this change, stated “This transition of ownership was favorable for both our dedicated workforce and our clients…it ensured the future availability of the high level of craftsmanship and care of artworks established by Jed Bark.” We hold regular Town Hall meetings, where employee owners provide feedback, ideas, and solutions to further client offerings and company culture.

As an ESOP, we strive to offer our clients the highest standard of preservation framing, art services that allow for a seamless experience, and superb customer service. Every Bark staff member is dedicated to the company mission: to create frames of innovative design using materials of the highest archival quality, ensuring that your artwork is kept safe for years to come.