Museum Quality Framing

Bark Frameworks specializes in museum quality framing, pursuing innovative design while establishing the highest standards for preservation framing. These two commitments, to the aesthetics of frame design and to the preservation of works we frame, have animated our business since 1969.

Each Bark frame is designed and built at our 27,000-square foot facility in Long Island City. In addition to frame design and production, we offer a range  of art services — including art crates, installation, and storage services — to our clients.

Learn more about who we are, what it’s like to work with us, and museum quality framing in NYC, here.

We have been working together for fifteen years to frame works in my collection from small and simple to large and intricate. The value that is added to my collection because of the excellence of your design capabilities and the flawless attention to detail, is worth every dollar invested in a Bark frame. There is nothing more expensive than a second-rate professional.

--David Teiger, Collector (1929 - 2014)

I really enjoy the spirit of dialog and open-mindedness that is present at Bark, and, as an artist who makes a wide range of works that must be framed, I can be sure when I come in for a session that a perfectly chosen design will be the result. The frame will come out of the needs of the specific work of art; both physical and aesthetic, and whatever is done for the safety and durability of the work will be nearly invisible, while the magic of the frame itself sings.

--James Siena

When I have something framed at Bark, I’m sure it will endure. I’m sure it will be handled correctly and hinged or installed correctly in its frame. I’m sure the frame will be designed to accommodate the specific qualities of the work, be it a gouache painting on a slightly warped piece of board, or a pencil drawing on the slightest of onionskin papers. It’s a primary attribute of any frame made at Bark that it will keep work safe.

--James Siena

The artworks were delivered safely yesterday morning. Holding them, I can tell they are well-done down to the bones. The works feel complete, protected and also inviting to look at. The careful attention to each piece is evident. They were also beautifully packed and everything looked in perfect condition. Thank you!

--NYC art collector

I develop detailed framing specifications, including materials and construction and every detail is important. I want the frame to disappear; but good framing can help unify an exhibition or focus attention. For almost 30 years I have worked exclusively with Bark Frameworks and, in that time, they have earned my confidence and respect. Jed and his staff consistently deliver quality, accuracy, and precision.

--Ellsworth Kelly

I love working with Bark, because I never have to worry about any aspect of a project. Their design suggestions are always spot-on; they take excellent care of the artwork; and the final product is not only beautiful, but executed with the preservation and safety of the artwork in mind.

--Amber Germano, Registrar, Newark Museum

We are always so pleased with the quality and professionalism of Bark Frameworks. The frames look great. The fit and sight size work perfectly. As always, your frames are spot on, which makes for easy installation.

--Jay Owens, Collections Manager, Greenville County Museum of Art

Bark Frameworks has designed original and enduring frames for my photographs since I brought my first dye transfer print to Jed Bark to frame in 1976. They have consistently delivered the highest standards of craftsmanship and conservation practice, while remaining competitive and artful in an industry where imposters run rampant.

--Mitch Epstein

I always feel confident referring my clients to Bark because I know that they will dependably use the correct conservation-grade materials and methods, and they will handle the artworks thoughtfully and with the utmost care.

--Scott Gerson, Scott Gerson Conservation

In the mid-sixties Bark rescued the simple frame from amnesia and made it the most imitated model as well as set the criterion for protective framing, a simple and intelligent esthetic followed by most museums and collections throughout the world to preserve and display their works on paper…

--Lucio Pozzi, II, Giornale dell'Arte

What I love most about Bark frames is what is not seen. The hinges for works on paper, for instance — and especially the pull-through hinges for large works — are marvels. There is no detail too small for Bark’s attention. Everything is done in-shop, so there is complete quality control. There is a keen and understated style in the frames. I need to ensure that my clients get the very best, and feel confident that I have placed a work in a perfect archival surround with a Bark frame.

--James Baron, James Barron Art

I began working with Bark Frameworks in 2006, when they framed my Fireflies series. These pictures are small, intimate and one-of-a-kind. The frames were elegant and subtle and served to echo the mood of the work perfectly. I have employed Bark to frame every one of my pictures since then, including my series Beneath the Roses- an epic endeavor. The frames that they produced for these pictures are completely exquisite.

--Gregory Crewdson

Last season I was expressing my concern to Gregory Crewdson on how the use of antique frames in exhibition, though elegant, had become misleading in the pursuit of a contemporary esthetic for my nocturnes. “You have to see Bark,” was his immediate response. For my recent show in London we designed a number of new moldings and treatments. I couldn’t possibly be more pleased with the results of our designs…or with the London and Maastricht presentations.

--Stephen Hannock

Bark Frameworks is perfection. Each frame (and I have framed many over the years) is handled like a piece of fine furniture. The attention to detail, the concern with archival materials, the choice of wood, joinery, and finishing are all done to perfection. Even the Swiss couldn’t do it better. My frames are like a Patek-Phillippe watch, the inside as meticulously crafted as the outside. His frames are timeless.

--Rodney Smith, Artist (1947 - 2016)

As an Art Advisor specializing in contemporary art, I have used Bark Frameworks since 1987 to frame paintings, works on paper, and photographs. Bark is peerless in terms of their craftsmanship- each frame is custom designed to the specific needs of the art in question. I appreciate the attention to detail and I value the wide range of elegant framing options that are available at Bark. Jed Bark is on the leading edge of archival framing practices- I trust him and his team to protect my client’s investments in art.

--Wendy Cromwell

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