Bark Frameworks designer Christine Heindl worked with Julia Roshkow, founder of Cartesian Graphics to design custom frames and easels for art made using Swarovski crystals hand-applied on intricate gridded patterns. Roshkow originally started her business making greeting cards, but eventually moved on to making these larger artworks for interiors. Her labor-intensive process yields art in a wide variety motifs, sizes and colors. We were excited to help Cartesian Graphics create frames and easels that displayed these works in the best way.

Depending upon the nature and size of the design, as well as the interior in which it would be placed, Christine created custom mats, frames, and easels for many of Cartesian Graphics’ works. Roshkow and Heindl worked to conceive of just the right ratio of mat and frame in relation to the size of the grid and overall image. The frames shown here are aluminum with a polished finish, and maple with a spray white finish.

The easels shown are a custom version of Bark Frameworks’ design called the Thinback Easel. They are made in maple, with different hand-applied stain finishes, depending upon the artwork.

Photos: David Gonsier

Text: Jennifer M. Clark