Recently, we worked with the 9/11 Memorial & Museum to frame a large-scale work by Norwegian-born artist Torild Stray.

Bark frame designer Paul Jordan worked with Lisa Conte, the Museum’s Head of Conservation, to frame Stray’s charcoal drawing on paper entitled “New York Metamorphosis.” Created while working on the 85th Floor of the North Tower during a residency program in 1998, “Metamorphosis” depicts Manhattan as seen looking north from the Twin Towers, a haze of black and white buildings and landmarks rising up from an island between two rivers.

You can see Stray’s “New York Metamorphosis” at the Museum today. For more on the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, visit


Photo 1: Ben Speck

Photo 2: Jennifer M. Clark, Bark Frameworks

Photo 3: Paul Jordan, Bark Frameworks

Photos 4 – 7: Collection 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Gift of Petter Neslein, Pecunia AS, ©Torild Stray. Photograph by Jin Lee

Text: Jennifer M. Clark, Bark Frameworks