Gregory Crewdson: Beneath the Roses
Gagosian Gallery, Luhring Augustine and White Cube Galleries

Our first large scale project with Gregory Crewdson was framing his exhibition “Beneath the Roses” in 2008, an exhibition that opened in three different galleries simultaneously: Gagosian Gallery, Luhring Augustine and White Cube. The frames were maple, sprayed white, each 57 x 88”. Luxar laminated glass was chosen for clarity, UV protection and minimal reflection. The process of fabricating these frames is described in our Making a Frame section.

“I began working with Bark Frameworks in 2006, when they framed my Fireflies series. These pictures are small, intimate and one-of-a-kind. The frames were elegant and subtle and served to echo the mood of the work perfectly.
I have employed Bark to frame every one of my pictures since then, including my series Beneath the Roses- an epic endeavor. The frames that they produced for these pictures are completely exquisite.”  Gregory Crewdson.

More about Gregory Crewdson and this exhibition can be found at  Gagosian Gallery.