When we want to create something new to put out into the world, we learn every aspect of the process from start to finish and perfect every detail — from design to materials to production — so that we can be the true producers of the piece. More than 20 years ago, we became interested in historical mirror frames and glass — we felt that mirrors were “a design object ready for reinvention” (Interior Design). So we set about learning the processes of mirror-making: we learned to pour molten glass, making visible all the idiosyncrasies of the process – the tiny bubbles, the uneven pour shape. We learned to cast bevels, and grinded and polished the mirror glass by hand. We created new designs: the profiles we drew were derived from sources like Italian minimalist architect Sebastiano Serlio and Andrea Palladio. “In its simplest form, [the process] is incredibly rich,” said company founder Jared Bark.

Before designing our Degas mirror frames, Bark himself traveled to France to study the original notebooks of Edgar Degas’ at the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. We have since milled many variations of his designs to frame both art and mirrors (for more on our work with Degas designs, see this Elle Decor article and our recent Newsletter posts). We research different types of specialty glass, and currently use mainly water white (low iron) glass, as it clearer and brighter than traditional mirror glass with much less of a green tint. We gild our own mirror glass with gold leaf here in our shop.

A Bark Frameworks mirror is one-of-a-kind – a unique object unto itself, made here in our shop. To see these mirrors in person, visit our showroom, which is only five minutes from Manhattan. For prices upon request, please e-mail  for more information.

Examples of Custom Frames

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