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Whitney Stories: Jared Bark on John D. Graham

July 2016 Jared Bark has numerous ties to the Whitney Museum of American Art: his work is in the Museum's permanent collection and was included in the exhibition Rituals of Rented Island in 2014; he designed and constructed an elaborate sculptural set for an ...

The Cardinal Rules of Framing,

June 2017 What are the most important issues when framing a work of art? We asked master framer Jed Bark, of Bark Frameworks, and the celebrated abstract artist James Siena (who also happens to be a former employee of the company.) Bark Frameworks, founded in 1969, is now ...

Jed Bark Featured in the New York Social Diary

July 2012 New York Social Diary recently visited our Long Island City facility to interview Jed Bark, and take many beautiful photographs of our operation. New York Social Diary, July, 2012 By Sian Ballen and Lesley Hauge

Border Patrol

September 2002 "The long-term health of pictures depends on careful selection of frames and proper lighting." Download the article as a PDF. ARTnews, September 2002 By Michelle Falkenstein

Mirror Mirror

1997 Download the article as a PDF. Interior Design, 1997 By Henry Urbach

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