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Framing Xu Bing’s The Suzhou Landscripts

Posted on May 20th, 2013

I first met the artist Xu Bing last year in the company of Judith Goldman and Shelagh Vainker.  Judith’s Deuce II Editions published his four panel lithographic work, and Shelagh is Curator at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, where the work was to be exhibited. Our meeting was at United Limited Art Edition’s studio on Long Island where the work was being printed; the project had been started there almost ten years before.  Over the next several months ... Read More

Framing Van Gogh

Posted on May 20th, 2013

A few years ago we were asked to re-frame Van Gogh’s “The Night Café” for the Yale University Art Gallery.  Our frame presents “The Night Café” in an entirely new way–and the framing has been controversial.  Radical though the frame may appear, it is much closer to the artist’s intention than was its previous Louis XIV frame.

Jared Bark wrote about Van Gogh’s interest in framing... Read More

Framing Sharon Core

Posted on May 20th, 2013

We have framed Sharon Core’s remarkable photographs before, but this was the first time we were asked to design a frame that references the Dutch still life paintings that she conjures up in her brilliant works. The collector Philip Maritz sent us a couple of photographs of Dutch still lifes in seventeenth century frames and asked if we could do something in that vein. Since Dutch frames of that period have been a singular inspiration to us for the past twenty year... Read More